Attitudes & Actions That Lead To More Sales



Successful Attitudes. More Sales.


“Our goal is to help artistic entrepreneurs develop successful attitudes and actions that lead to more sales.”- Terry & Chanda Ouimet .


Who is This For ?

Artists who want to learn and develop successful attitudes to influence more people toward their art.


What’s In It For Me?

By studying the trials and triumphs of everyday people, we will learn how a successful mindset can help you develop your own money-making attitudes. You will influence more customers and take your dream to the next level.


How we can serve you?

Can you relate to this: Most of the podcasts and blogs out there interview successful artists who have customers lined up out the door and they talk about their mistakes and successes. We can all benefit from this type of content. 

However, when you are trying to take your business to the next level but it’s just not happening, it can make you feel so far behind and is hard to relate to successful artists such as these.

Entrepreneurs Attitudes & Success podcast is unique in that it analyzes the extraordinary stories of everyday people from all walks of life. Not necessarily artists or entrepreneurs.

People with extraordinary attitudes who we can study and learn from if we want to be successful artists.

Real people, real stories and real success.

We then help artistic entrepreneurs like you implement those attitudes into your business so you can generate more sales and make your dream business incredibly successful.

We believe that success for entrepreneurs stems from two key factors: attitudes and actions. Mastering these two principles has allowed me to be be very successful and make a lot of money in my twenty-year sales career. I have focused on the same two principles as a plein air oil painter and benefited tremendously. 

easuccess is dedicated to helping you create magnificent art and a successful business. 



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