Attitudes & Actions That Lead To More Sales



Successful Attitudes. More Art Sales.

“We help artistic entrepreneurs develop successful attitudes and actions that lead to more art sales.”- Terry & Chanda Ouimet .


Who is This For ?

  • Artists who want to learn and develop successful attitudes and business actions to influence more people toward their art.

  • Artistic entrepreneurs who want to improve their selling skills, make more art sales and take their dream business to the next level.

You have an online website presence and are actively engaged in social media marketing. But it’s a crowded jungle out there and very difficult to stand out. 

Perhaps your sales just simply have to be stronger or you need to improve your selling and influencing skills at live shows, events and with key decision makers.

Maybe you are trying to leave your life sucking 9-5  J O B but are uncertain or fearful about successfully selling your art full time and taking it from a hobby to a business.  


What’s In It For Me? (hint: more sales)

  • Improved influencing, selling and relationship building skills that will help you sell more art.

  • Highly focused goal setting and time management skills that will help you sell more art.

  • Transformed and renewed mindset of success that will help you stay motivated, confident and encouraged as an artistic entrepreneur, which will help you sell more art!

Can you relate to this?  “I’m a great artist but I lack the desire, time and skills when it comes to selling.”

Many artists have very little passion and proficiency for selling and therefore it becomes drudgery and a grind. This attitude and its resulting actions decrease the effectiveness of your business and keep you from more art sales.


Remember, the most successful artists and entrepreneurs are those who also excel at “offline” sales and influencing. Face to face, email and phone call selling are not going away any time soon. In fact, this strategy is very wise and more important than ever today considering how noisy and crowded social media and online marketing are.

How will you differentiate yourself and make more sales with so many other artists hammering your potential customers all day long on these marketing platforms?

This is how….

People buy from those who they like, trust and respect.

Smart entrepreneurs realize that these three things are best accomplished by direct interactions and conversations with potential customers and key decision makers.

If online art sales is your only strategy or strength, you are likely leaving money on the table.


How can we serve you?



If your business involves people, then you are in the sales business. Selling and influencing people toward products and services is our expertise.

We have years of influencing and selling experience as successful artistic entrepreneurs. Chanda started her career in sales and has owned her own successful marketing business. Terry was highly trained as an award winning Fortune 100 sales rep and has made millions as a 100% commissioned sales rep. He has sold his award winning oil paintings in galleries, off the easel from snowbanks, at highly acclaimed juried events and shows, private commissions, and to corporate accounts.

Terry isn’t just a sales guy who likes artists, he paints every week because it’s his passion and gifting in life. He is actively selling his work and is committed to helping you sell more of your work.



easuccess is committed to sharing our secrets to success with every artistic entrepreneur who desires to sell more art and build their dream business.

Make easuccess Podcast and Blog your headquarters for mastering art sales!

We are dedicated to teaching you our selling, relationship building, and influencing principles. We have a step-by-step selling system that will bring laser like focus to your selling strategy and pump up your art sales.



easuccess will offer you free tools and resources to help you sell more art, and bring you all the latest research and sales tips to help your art business succeed.



We have a Facebook community group of like minded artists and entrepreneurs who push and support each other in their efforts to sell more art and live the life that every artist dreams of.



Listen to relevant highly valuable information to help you as an artist as you multi task and drive to work, exercise, or work around the house.

Entrepreneurs Attitudes & Success podcast analyzes the extraordinary stories of everyday heroes from all walks of life. Not necessarily artists or entrepreneurs.

People with extraordinary attitudes who we can study and learn from if we want to be successful artists.

Real people, real stories and real success.

We then help artistic entrepreneurs like you implement those successful attitudes into your business so you can generate more sales and realize your dreams as an artistic entrepreneur.

We believe that success for entrepreneurs stems from two key factors: attitudes and actions. Mastering these two principles has allowed me to be very successful and make a lot of money in my twenty-year sales career.

I have focused on the same two principles as a plein air oil painter and benefited tremendously. 

easuccess is dedicated to helping you create magnificent art and a successful business. 



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Successful Attitudes. More Art Sales.







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